Distance Education

What is Distance Education?

Distance Education is a method of delivery by correspondence that allows students to work at their own pace without the need to attend classes.  It can be an attractive option to students who are either engaged in full time employment or reside in locations not conducive to face-to-face delivery. It can also be a less labour-intensive process than achieving unit competency based on RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

Is Distance Education for me?
To help with your decision to study via distance education, answer these questions.  Indicate a YES or NO to each question.




I have previously completed vocational based or tertiary level courses. 



I have a high (fluent or near native) level of English language, literacy and numeracy skills.



I have previous knowledge of the property services and/or financial services industry.



I have time outside of work hours (at least 5 hours per week) to commit to learning and completion of assignments.



I manage my time effectively to meet deadlines.



I prefer to study alone rather than engage with like-minded people and network with them in my studies.



I prefer written learning content rather than real-life stories and practical activities to learn new skills and knowledge.



I have access to the internet and know how to research topics online.



I know how to access support for my learning if needed.


Is it less expensive than Face-to-Face Delivery?
No. A Distance Education enrolment includes a surcharge of $50 to cover postage fees.

How does Distance Education work for the Agent’s Representative Course?
Upon enrolment the Learner Guides and Assessments for the three units are dispatched to the student with a due date of two months for all units. A further four months are allowed for any resubmissions if necessary.  Upon exceeding this six-month period, a student will be required to re-enrol in the course and resubmit the tuition fee. 

How does Distance Education work for the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)?
Students enrolling in the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) by Distance Education will be sent two units per month to complete. These are dispatched from our office on either the 1st or 15th of each month (or closest business day), depending on the date of your enrolment. These units are due one calendar month later. NOTE: This dispatch schedule will be put on hold if a student has more than five units outstanding (=dispatched from the office but without at least the first submission of the assessment received by the REIV.)

Can I do some of my units by distance and some in the Classroom?
Yes. For students undertaking the full Certificate in Property Services, there are blended options whereby some units are undertaken in a classroom setting in Camberwell, and other units are delivered by distance education. 

Do you have any study tips for Distance Education Students?

Yes. Click here to read more.