Specialist Courses

The REIV delivers practical training and professional development for a range of industry specialisations.

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Residential Estate Agency


Commercial Estate Agency



Owners Corporation Management


Owners Corporation Management

Introduction to Owners Corporation Management
Intermediate Owners' Corporation Management
Advanced Owners' Corporation Management

  Business Broking 

 Business Broking            Job Ready Business Broking


Leadership & Best Practice


Australian Leadership Series

Australian Leadership Series- Module 1
Australian Leadership Series- Module 2 to Module 6

Managing Risk in Estate Agency Practice

Personal Efficiency workshop
Navigating Culture and Conflict workshop
Coaching for Success workshop
Workplace stress workshop
Customer Service Essentials workshop
Motivating your team workshop
Emotional Intelligence (Self) workshop
Emotional Intelligence (Others) 
Managing from a distance workshop


Webinar Program


                                            Customer Service Essentials- webinar
                                            Workplace stress- webinar
                                            Personal Efficiency- webinar
                                            Emotional Intelligence (self)- webinar



Online Courses

Online Courses

Managing Performance in the Workplace


Customer Service


Time Management 


Recruit to Retain


Managing Effective Meetings


Managing Effective Conflict Resolution


Administrative Support


Managing Stress

Specialist Course Structure

Specialist courses are generally structured to cover content from introduction into the specialisation through to progression into intermediate and advanced knowledge levels.


Aimed at


Those new to the specialisation or needing a base understanding.  Also good for refresher of initial Agent’s Representative units.


Those with some practice in the role, an understanding of relevant legislation, have held an agency position for at least a year and wanting to progress in the specialisation.  Also good for a refresher of the prime concepts of carrying out the role effectively.


A progression into the finer detail and understanding of more complex functions and requirements of the role.  Appropriate for those who have completed intermediate level programs and agency principals/OEIC needing an understanding of the role requirements.


Good for all levels to gain an overview and general understanding and update of the core requirements of the role functions.


Relevant for all levels