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Real Estate Careers

Getting started

With new job roles evolving and opportunities expanding, there's never been a more exciting time to consider a career in Real Estate or Property Services! 

The REIV Learning and Development Department's main role is to assist agencies and the industry as a whole to keep up with these changing realities and to support established and prospective practitioners.

The Common First Step:

In nearly all instances, the first step in a Real Estate career is to complete the Agent's Representative Course.  An Agent’s Representative is an employee of a licensed estate agent who performs a variety of real estate roles including sales, leasing, and property management.

To become an Agent’s Representative in Victoria you need to fulfill the educational and other requirements as specified by legislation. The educational requirement consists of three specific vocational units from the 24-unit Certificate IV in Property Services Program:

  • CPPDSM4080A     Work in the Real Estate Industry
  • CPPDSM4007A     Identify legal & Ethical Requirements of Property Management to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4008A     Identify Legal & Ethical Requirements of Property Sales to complete agency work

WHERE?   The REIV offers the Agent’s Representative course in a number of locations throughout Victoria. In 2014 our courses are offered in:   

Camberwell Ballarat Bendigo Frankston Geelong



Part-time Evening Course

Distance Education

The full-time course for Agent's Representatives runs over five consecutive days from 9.00am–5.00pm, Monday to Friday. There is a class starting almost every Monday at our Camberwell campus, with courses run on selected dates in other locations (see above).

The part-time evening course for Agent's Representatives is run at our Camberwell Campus and is five weeks in duration. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6.00pm–9.30pm during this period. The Agent's Representative course can also be completed by Distance Education (DE) over a period of six months or less. The course materials and assessments are sent to you by mail. A pack will be posted out within seven days of receiving your registration.

Upon completion of these units and with twelve months of experience in a licensed agency, you may apply for an Agent's Representative license. The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) administers licensing in Victoria. Click here for the complete licensing requirements.

The next career step has traditionally been to become a fully Licensed Estate Agent.

The educational prerequisite to become a Licensed Estate Agent is to complete specified units in the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).  The three units from the Agent's Representative's course form one cluster of the 24 units in the Certificate IV. So if you already have done the Agent's Representative's course, you already are on your way to obtaining a License! 

A licensed estate agent can undertake a number of roles such as:

  • Owning a real estate agency
  • Branch Manager
  • Sales
  • Leasing
  • Property Management

"Can I jump straight into the Certificate IV without being an Agent's Rep?"  Yes, you can!  However, you must begin your course of study with the three Agent's Representative units BEFORE commencing any of the remaining 21 units.

The Certificate IV in Property Services course is held at our Camberwell Campus in various day and evening formats, with each unit scheduled roughly every six–eight weeks for flexible 'rolling admissions' options for the learner.  In addition, as with the Agent's Representative course, you may enrol in a Distance Education option, if that is more suitable given your location and/or work schedule.  You can decide how long you wish to take to complete the course (from six months up to a maximum of 36 months depending on your selected mode of study) and organise a training schedule to suit your work and personal timetable.  Another option, particularly for young learners or those returning to work/study is to consider a Certificate III in Business Administration as a 'warm up' to the Certificate IV in Property Services, both of which have traineeship options yielding incentives for both learner and employer.

As with the Agent's Representative, to become a Licensed Agent in Victoria you need to fulfill educational and other requirements as specified by the Victorian Government. The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) administers licensing in Victoria. Click here to see the full licensing requirements.

What Comes After the I Get My License?:

In this rapidly changing sector, keeping up with new trends and marketing realities will be more than enough to keep you busy.  To assist its members, the REIV has an extensive Continuing Professional Development Program with offerings focussed on specific property services issues as well as generalist topics such as personnel and time management.  Other qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Marketing or the Diploma of Conveyancing are tailored to give you an even greater competative edge. Together with the networking opportunities provided by REIV membership, you will be well armed with lifelong learning opportunities to support you in every step of your career development. 


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